Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ghualm tum bhi thhe yaroon...

ghulam tum bhi the yaroon,
ghulam hum bhi thhe

Naha ke khoon mein aayi thi fasle azadi
Maza to tab tha ki milkar ilaaj e jaan karte

khud apne haath se tameer e gulsitan karte

hammare dard mein tum, aur tumhare dard mein ham
shareek hote to jashne aashiyaan karte

Tum aao gulshan e Lahore se chaman bardosh
hum ayen subah Banaras ki roshni lekar
Himalaye ki hawaaon ki taazgi lekar
Aur iske baad ye punchhen kaun dushman hai.

the lyrics is wriiten by Ali sardar jaffery
is based on INDIA - PAK partition, the feel is directly towards our heart & send us back to the biggest migration of the world ever happend. 

voice of Muzaffar Ali  have an eco  to produce that wide & large scenerio,
an unknown artist (I did try to find out who is the composer of album ' In search of life') I have used the track of that album the track is 'garden of secrets' the flute used in this track has ultimate soul of intimacy following separation &  togetherness.

& thanking to BBC & Gandhi-Richard Attenborough from where I grab the stock shots or relevant shots according to my base line narration.

the video is totally visualize & edited by me. 
I did my best job but still I think that I could do much better than it looks now anyways the composition is published  ready to  watch  & feel the feeling of lyrics.

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